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Chapter Two B

Arnav plans for his friend’s visit from Business School




Part B: The Letter 


It’s Next morning:

Sun was up in the sky, birds chirping.. the pool water blue and tranquil.  Khushi pulled all the curtains open. She noticed that the rays of sunlight fell straight on Arnav’s face. He did not move. Khushi thought that he must be tired; otherwise one ray of sunshine usually woke him up.  She pulled back one of the curtains to avoid sunlight falling on his face. She started to go towards the bathroom when she noticed a small frown on Arnav’s forehead in his sleep… Her hand reflexively reached his face.. she was about to touch him when he rolled on his side..  That startled Khushi.. She stood back up, looked at his face for a few moments and then entered the bathroom.

Khushi sat in front of the mirror, getting ready. She was not aware that Arnav had woken up. Arnav’s gaze steady on Khushi and her reflection in the mirror.. Khushi was unaware of him looking at her. As she started putting her bangles on, Arnav’s mind started running the images of her being excited when he got her bangles… then her chasing him down with questions to make him admit that he got the bangles for her… he looked at her.. Khushi was calm but not chirpy… He could not remember when he saw her smiling last time… Images of Khushi crying and pleading to him at the airport flashed back in his mind… He forgot that he was looking at her non-stop..

Khushi got up. As she turned, she found Arnav looking at her… all of a sudden awkward silence filled the room again… both quickly looked away… Arnav jumped out of the bed, picked up his towel and headed to the bathroom…

Later on at the breakfast table..

Everyone was at the breakfast table in RM.. except Shyam…

Khushi walked over. Naniji asked, “Khushi bitiya, did you have any problem last night at the airport? Hope not! Did Chhotey come back alright?”

Khushi said in a happy voice, “Ji, ..Yes,Nani ji!”

Anjali looked at her with adorable gaze and asked, “I decided not to disturb you guys early in the morning!” winked at Mami mischievously… then added, “Is Chhotey still asleep, Khushi ji?”

“Nani! Di!  Here I am!” Arnav announced himself as he sat at the table… Anjali poured him some tea and asked, “How was your conference, Chhotey?”

“Di, it was alright! Everything was fine!..” Arnav said in his matter of fact voice… started spreading butter on his toast…

Mamaji happily announced while sipping on his orange juice, “You know, Anjali bitiya, whenever Arnav bitwa goes on a business tour, everything turns into gold!... Everything goes fine, nothing goes wrong!”

Mamiji poked her nose, “Hello Hi Bye Bye! This doesn’t even need to be told…everyone knows that!” then she immediately turned to Arnav, fluttered her eyes as she posed a big smile on her face and asked, “Arnav Bituwa, did you bring my make upwa? You knows..that the make up from foreignwa suits me better… the desi one gives me … on the face… rashhwa …”  Arnav really wanted to smile but he controlled himself as Nani and Anjali struggled to suppress their laugh.

Naniji nodded with “Oh God” feel.. Anjali and Khushi smiled. Payal looked at Mami coyly. Aakash and Mamaji shook their heads and smiled..

Arnav answered, “Yes, Mami, I had given the list you faxed me to my assistant there, she packed everything for you!”

Mami’s happiness now was spilling over, all smiles ear to ear, she said, “Thank youus  many many.. Arnav Bituwa..”

Aakash said to Arnav, “ Bhai, while you were in transit, Lovely ji called!”

Arnav looked at Aakash expectantly. Aakash provided further information, “Lovely ji is coming here for a few days. She asked for you!”

Arnav said enthusiastically, “I will take care of it! Let me call her back! Did she leave her phone number?”

Aakash handed Arnav a card with a number on it. Arnav pulled out his cell and walked away from the table.. His face bright and relaxed..

Everyone looked at each other with questions in their eyes. Finally, Payal asked Aakash, “Who is Lovely?”

Mami ji jumped in enthusiastically, “Arnav bituwa ki friends… you…” rolled her eyes looking at Khushi with suspense to see what reaction she could generate. Khushi’s eyes became wide.. so did Payal’s … Khushi looked at Nani..

Nani said with a calm face, “Lovely bitiya and Arnav bituwa were together in the business school… in America! You know, she is the daughter of a friend of your Nana ji. That’s why we all know each other.. since she was a little doll! She is so cute.. and sweet… very nice!  I like her so much! It’s been more than four years since we have seen her!”

Just then Arnav returned to the table. He announced, “Lovely will be coming here tomorrow, She might stay with us for a few days! Di, can you, please, tell Hari Prakash to get the guest room ready? And yes, white lilies… there should be white lilies in her room everyday!”

“I will take care of it, Chhotey!” Anjali said with a broad smile, “Don’t you worry!”

Just then Shyam walked in, “Hey, who is coming? Who are we getting ready to welcome? Will someone tell me, please?”

Arnav looked at him with a stern stare. Khushi looked at Arnav and started feeling uneasy.
Anjali answered, “It’s Chhotey’s friend! ..from the business school. They were together at the school.” Then she thought for a moment as she looked at Shyam’s frowns, “Oh, yes! You have never met her before! She has not visited since our marriage… Now you can meet her. Great! You will like her!”

Arnav got up, “Di, I have work to do.” He walked towards the stairs giving Shyam a cold stare..

Khushi immediately said, “Di , I will go and check on the chilies that we put to dry in sunlight by poolside!” and followed Arnav..

Arnav... who had stopped at the foot of stairs with stern face… felt much better when he heard Khushi.. His face turned softer as he climbed up the stairs… Khushi followed him closely…

Arnav picked up his laptop and said, “I am leaving for office.. many meetings are pending.. I may be late for dinner.”
‘Ji!” Khushi said … her mind still wrapped around the whole “Lovely” deal.. she had so many questions but she did not feel comfortable asking Arnav.
He looked at her for few moments, when she said nothing, he left..

Indeed Arnav was late in coming home that evening. But he made it to dinner with everyone else.

Once they were back in the room after the dinner,
Arnav pulled out a letter from his bag and started reading it..
As he sat down on the chaise.. and read further some memories flashed in front of his eyes..  Lovely and him… jogging along the river… having ice cream together… discussing the projects together….

As he read the letter,  a smile brightened his face… Khushi was observing him keenly, wondered, “Who could she be? … Laad Governor.. never smiles.. now he is smiling.. seems very happy.. seems like someone special to him!”
Somewhere she didi not like the feeling it created…

Khushi uttered under the breath, “Lovely…hummmmmmmmmm”

The letter that Arnav read:

Dear ASR,

How are you?

I saw you on TV last night. It was a program on CNN, “Where are they now?” 
I only caught last few minutes of the show. Well, I catch your interviews often, particularly in the ‘Wall Street Journal”.

Later on I saw snippets of that show here and there on the news and guess what! I realized, 

 YOU LOST THE BET - Aap shirt haar gaye ASR - You got married!

Remember when we were at Harvard Business School together? You were one of the youngest graduates of the MBA program at HBS! You always used to say to everyone.. all your friends... that you would never marry! Never ever would you fall in love! You said that you never believed in this stuff!

So, we had a bet!  Of one thousand dollars …that time it meant such a huge amount to us…
I remembered all of it after I saw you on the TV.. remembered every moment that we spent together! All those conversations we had…

Your room was in McArthur Hall, mine was just opposite of yours! All those late night projects... we used to stay up late…coffee..

We used to go to the Baker library in the evening. We used to go to M.I.T  to see Bhangra dances.... Those runs… early morning or late in the evening jogs.. by Charles River! We used to go even in the coldest weather.. I remember everything!

Anjali Di used to always ask on the phone if you had green tea or not! How is she now?

 Your Mamiji – She always used to ask for Starbucks’ coffee!

Well, I remember all of it!... Your Mama ji, Mami ji, nani ji.. Di.. everyone.. everything!

 So I gathered from the news that you married some one named “Khushi Kumari Gupta” and that too secretly! ASR, I would have never thought that you could do this! … This means only one thing!.. That… you are in love! How is this Khushi Kumari Gupta? She looked beautiful on TV!

You have to tell me everything when I get to Delhi.. each and every detail!
There is so much to say… to talk about…

 Hey, for now, this is enough...
 Here is to our HBS days!
With Love,

Your friend,

ps - ? What does Khushi call you – ASR or Arnav? Something else?

A broad smile appeared on Arnav’s face.. he folded the letter, tucked it in the file… Looked up – Khushi was asleep in the bed… she looked like an angel in sleep… his gaze glued on her face… Arnav fell asleep on the chaise looking at Khushi…..

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