Monday, September 3, 2012

Chapter One B

Khushi goes to Airport to receive Arnav

 Part B: At The Airport

Anjali, Naniji, and Mami were sitting in the living room.. Shyam walked in through the main entrance. Aakash and Payal followed Shyam. As Khushi descended down the stairs, everyone stopped in their track. Khushi looked stunning in red chiffon saree…her hair flowing.. a thin embroidered border in green … minimal jewelry adorned her face… matching bangles filled her arms…her phone in her hand, with a small wallet purse… her face was somber but she looked stunning with her exceptional glow.

Payal walked over enthusiastically. Anjali jumped to her feet … both rushed to Khushi .. Payal gushed..”Khushi, you look beautiful! Right, Di? “

Anjali, lovingly caressed Khushi’s face and said with an adorable smile on her face….”Khushiji, saree….?” With some mischievous eye gestures, Anjali teasingly looked at her..

Khushi looked away… blushed slightly.. Uncomfortable as she sensed Shyam staring at her shamelessly. She collected her thoughts, looked at Anjali and said, “Di, ..I …I..….It’s..just…”

Manorama came in swaying, “Aaa, mention nots, Phati Saree, looking beautifuls – Raizadas bahu, you  know!”

Nani stared at Monorama shutting her up! Then Nani smiled at Khushi adoringly.

Aakash walked over and said, “Khushiji, Bhai’s flight lands soon after eleven. Then customs check and all that… it will take half an hour at least or longer. Luckily, Bhai usually does not carry much stuff so it might be earlier than that. Still, it will be at least midnight by the time he will be out. I have instructed the driver, he will stay with you.”

“Thank You, Jijaji! “ Khushi says thankfully. Payal smiled with pride.

Naniji said affectionately, ‘Khushi bitiya, make sure that you seek blessings from Devi Maiyya before you leave.. after all that happened.. I just want to see Chhotey safe and sound! ”

“Yes, Naniji..”

As Khushi started walking towards Devi Maiyya’s on the other side of the lounging area, Anjali smiled at her affectionately.

Khushi stood in front of Devi Maiyya. Many thoughts rushed through her mind. She remembered how she had become upset with Devi Maiyya after her marriage to Arnav and had cut off herself from Devi Maiyya. Her eyes became moist. Her lips quivered with vulnerability. Khushi put her hands together and said to Devi Maiyya, “Hey, Devi Maiyya! I know I did not want to talk to you all this time! But.. you are the mother of all of us! You can’t be upset with me too long, I am really sorry. Forgive me for my immature act.“ Tears filled to the brim of Khushi’s eyes as images of Arnav leaving at the airport.pulling his hand out of hers.. not turning back look at her flashed again in front of her eyes. She continued,

”Devi Maiyya, please, let Arnav ji come back home safe and sound. I need one more chance to tell him the truth. Without him…..” she choked. She got up to leave. As she turned around, she was stunned to see Shyam staring at her …

With a shrewd smile he said, “Arey, Khushiji, how can God be doing favors to all of us at the same time? It would have been easier had you listened to me.” The sarcastic smile deepened on his face as he continued, “ I promise you, I will show your Arnav ji what it means to take you away from me! I will not rest easy till then! It’s my promise!”

Khushi was shocked for a moment, words escaped her at his audacity…then she calmly looked up and said in a stern voice, “Move out of my way, I’m getting late!”

“Arey, what’s the rush, Khushiji…” Shyam smiled sarcastically again.

“Di!” Khushi called out loudly. Shyam turned around scared of being caught… Khushi passed by him like a breeze..

Shyam gave Khushi an angry look as Anjali walked over to him… smiling as usual …But, had some questions in her eyes…

At the airport: Khushi looked at the monitors…’ BA0143 – landed’ flight from Heathrow, London.. Landing time about 30-40  min earlier than expected arrival…
The driver, Mohan, said to Khushi, “I will get the car. Arnav Bhaiyya  will be out soon. I will meet you at the curb...’

“Okay, Mohan ji…” Khushi said.. Mohan showed her where to wait for Arnav… as passengers started trickling out of the ‘arrivals’ gate with their loved ones cheering on their arrival. Mohan left to get the car.

Khushi became restless. Worried how Arnav was going to react, ” I just hope that he does not get angry after seeing me here!” Khushi started pacing, her hands continuously rolling her pallu in nervousness.. Her gaze intermittently on the arrivals gate.. then, worried she would breath shallow.. Her throat started going dry..

Khushi started getting butterflies in her stomach.. She again remembered how Arnav left without looking back at her.. She said to herself, looking at the sky, “Hey, Devi Maiyya, I came here but now my patience is wearing off!” She closed her eyes tight and after a deep breath muttered, “Just hope that Arnav ji does not angry with me, I want to tell him what’s in my heart and on my mind!”

Khushi startled as she felt someone’s hand on her arm. As she opened her eyes,  a familiar voice said, “Who are you talking to, Khushi?” She looked up. It was Arnav, standing next to her.. He looked as handsome as he always did even after the eight hours long flight.. Her eyes widened..
Khushi’s throat went dry…she barely managed…”AAA ppp…You….”
Arnav said in a softer husky voice, “Ha, main… Yes, me!”  His eyes sipped in her ravishing beauty in the stunning red saree..

“When did you come?” Khushi managed to ask.

“When you were talking to yourself!” He said with his eyebrows slightly lifted. Then asked..  “What are you doing here?”

“ Ji, I.. I.. Came to pick you up…” Khushi stuttered.

“What the..” Arnav said “Why? Why did you have to come?”  in a dismissive tone..

“Ji, hum..hum…I.. I..”

Just then someone walked by hurriedly knocking Khushi off her balance, as she stumbled on her feet.  Arnav’s strong arms caught her… rejuvenating the familiar feeling of being in each others arms…Khushi and Arnav got lost in each others eyes…A beautiful Rabba Ve moment followed…….

Khushi kept saying to herself, “Khushi, you are dreaming again…”

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