Monday, October 8, 2012

Chapter Six A

Mami gets curious about Shyam’s past



Lovely and Anjali were in the living room. Anjali said, “It was great that you could go to Chhotey’s office for a visit yesterday. Today is Sunday! Now you can relax!”

Anjali looked around and asked, “Karan ji .. didn’t he come with you?”
Lovely said with a nod, “Yes.” Anjali wondered, “How come I don’t see him anywhere then?”
Lovely said, “He had something to take care of. He has just shifted his base recently so, obviously he has a lot of things to take care of!”
Anjali smiled, “Accha.. Oh, okay!”

Just then came a voice lingering on the airways, “Aap ne yaad kiya, banda haazir hua…You remembered me? Here I am.. at your service!” Flirtatiously Karan bowed to Anjali…
Anjali gave him a sweet smile as her eyes twinkled,
“Oh! We were just talking about you,….” she said.
“I know! I Know!... Nice to know that I was missed!” Karan interrupted.. Anjali dismissed his answer with a smile..
“Let me get some coffee for you..... Hariprakashji..…” she called..

Karan said in a lively mood, “What if I desire tea? Would I get it?”
Anjali got up and said with a zeal, “Chaliye, aap bhi kya yaad rakhenge! Hum abhi aap ke liye garma garam adrakwali chai banaaker laate hai..” “Oh, how lovely! I shall go and make you some hot tea! You won’t get a chance to complain!” she left for kitchen as smile brightened her face.
Karan took a sit next to Lovely, “So, what’s the plan now, sis?”
“Karan, I was thinking..”
“Don’t think, sis..” Karan interrupted her mischievously..

Mami walked in just then.. “Hello Hi Bye Bye! I have been saying the same thing! I keep telling people not to strain their brains too ..thinkingzsss you know.. headache howat hai..” she parked herself on the sofa opposite from Karan..

Then she curiously asked Karan, “But… sometimeswa it is better to thinkwa.. you knowzzz…”

Karan’s face showed, “Wow” expressions as he smiled.. Mami asked him in a whisper almost…
“That day.. you said something about…..about Damad ji…. About some relatives of his… do you know him… or them…?”

Karan said, “Yes, it’s just that I did not stay in Lucknow too long! But, my Dad used to travel there frequently....Lovely’s place, you know! Sometimes we used to go there in our vacation.. so, I know a lot more than one would think!” Then he narrowed his eyes and asked, “But.. why are you asking? You must know everything about your Damad ji!”

“You know, dear…” Mami was about to say something when Anjali walked in with tea for Karan…
Smilingly she said, “Here you go! Tea for you! Adrakwali special chai… with ginger…”
Karan saluted her in a jovial manner and said, “Thank You, Sweetheart!” Anjali made a ‘you won’t stop flirting’ gesture  but still had a smile on her face…

Mamiji said, “Anjali, you happen to know everything about Damad ji.. right? All his relatives and all, I mean?”
Anjali smiled and said, “What kind of question is this, Mami? You know everything! You are just.. too much sometimes!”

Mami widened her eyes, looked around and said, “Arey, yes!..forgets me you knows…”
 Lovely and Karan looked at them with questioning eyes.. finally Lovely said, “Come on, Anjali, I want to know everything about your marriage! Tell me, please! I would have loved to be there! It must have been so much fun!”

Karan sipped his tea.. but his eyes were on Anjali. The change that Lovely’s request brought on Anjali’s face was something different. He looked at Mami. Her face had changed to. She looked at Anjali… immediately developed a protective gaze for Anjali… as if a wrong question had been asked..
Anjali’s eyes welled up... she tried to control herself as she said, “Lovely, my marriage.. my wedding.. the circumstances then were much different than a regular marriage.. I can only tell you that, he… Shyam ji,.. just saved my life… me.. !” tears started trickling down her face.
Anjali said, “Excuse me! I will be right back!” Everyone stared at her as she left for the stairs..
Karan and Lovely exchanged meaningful glances that said… ”something is not right..”

Nani was watching all this from a corner of the room… her face darkened with sadness…worry… then she shook her head with sadness, and heaved a deep sigh...


Anonymous said...

Outstanding build up in story. Interesting things are happening. Go Mamiji.....

kathrina pheonix (DUMAS) said...

awesome update loving the build up and this karan love how he keeps flirting with anjali loved the update awesome thanks for the pm

vidya said...

Loved it.
Mami's query though small will surely dig out te buried past.

Lovely1 said...

icegurl789 amazingly written:)

Anonymous said...

nice part lovely...............

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